Best Art Galleries In Delhi

Best Art Galleries In Delhi, Art Culture Festival, Art Culture Festival Art Gallery, Art Etc

Art Space is built in the anatomy of a traditional Art Gallery. It is locatedinthe Art district of Defence Colony, close to various other Art Galleries suchas Vadehra Art Gallery, Aakar Prakar, and Shrine Empire.It is convenient tolocate as it is situated on the main road, opposite Lajpat Nagar Metrostation.It is navigation friendly via private vehicles and also people usingpublic transport. The corner plot location ensures ample parking space.

National Gallery Of Modern Art

National Gallery Of Modern Art, Art Etc
As NGMA is supported by Ministry of Culture, it’s undoubtedly one of the best art galleries inDelhi. Their collection comprises of the works of artists like M.R. Acharekar, Arpana Caur, Thomas Daniell and Rabindranath Tagore. Apart from showcasing and maintaining works of modern art, they also do special exhibitions globally and organise lectures and seminars to promote research in the field of art history, art appreciation, art criticism and more.You can evenread about their curated exhibitions on their website before you head here.

Dhoomimal Gallery of Art

Dhoomimal Gallery of Art, Art Etc

Dhoomimal Art Gallery was established in 1936 by Sh. Ram Babu Jain. The gallery originally displayed the works of well-known painters, and soon became a hub for contemporary art. Their website enlists all ongoing exhibitions with names of artists and

also a section of ‘Affordable Art’ that starts at INR 8,000 only. Being one of the oldest art gallery in India, many exhibits of well-known artists like M.F.Hussain, J.Swaminathan, Shanti Dave, and F.N.Souza have been held here.

Kiran Nadar Gallery/Museum Of Art

Kiran Nadar Gallery/Museum Of Art, Art Etc

You might’ve seen KNMA’s boards and hoardings while travelling on Delhi roads, at least that’s how I discovered the place. It’s a private museum that exhibits modern and contemporary art from India. They regularly hold workshops and activities also, with the aim to connect art and the public.

Delhi Art Gallery

Delhi Art Gallery, Art Etc

For Indian modern artworks, Delhi Art Gallery is the place to be! Artists from all across India, and even Europe, contribute to the gallery’s collection. The artworks displayed here show a strong influence of the western art movements and tell a great tale of Indian modernism.

Exhibit 320

Exhibit 320, Art Etc

Exhibit 320 is a space for contemporary art from India and the sub-continent. The exhibits here are exceptionally good and carry a lot of aesthetic and visual dialogue. Contemporary artists like Sunoj D, Sumakshi Singh and Kumaresan Selvaraj have a actively showcased at Exhibit 320. This gallery also hosts seminars, lectures and talks that contextualise art within critical discourse.

Shrine Empire

Shrine Empire, Art Etc

Shrine Empire’s community includes a large network of local and international partners, and in collaboration, the gallery contributes to building discourse on contemporary art in South Asia through discussions, artist talks, workshops and patronage. For the past several years, the gallery extended its outreach programs to build a strong base for the arts locally through sustained educational initiatives and by supporting alternative
practices. In 2017 these initiatives were formally consolidated as the not-for-profit initiative, Prameya Art Foundation [PRAF].



Karl Antao, Paula Sengupta and Zarina Hashmi are few of the many artists that showcase at Espace. They also have an online viewing gallery which is currently showcasing ‘Within Four Walls’ by Nandini Bagla Chirimar which focuses on
Japanese woodblock print collages.



Inaugurated in 1999, this gallery is an initiative of Mrs. Mannu Dosaj. Apart from the art, fine art and theatre workshops are also organized with the help of artists in their respective fields. You’ll spot paintings, drawings, and sculptures of many famous artists like M.F. Husain, Abanindarnath Tagore, S.H. Raza and many more artists from India as well as from Denmark, Spain, Germany and Australia.



Bikaner House is a hub of art and culture, located in the heart of Delhi. This place has its roots deep in the history of India, and there is an art space that displays the work of painters, sculptors, and photographers. From book launches to even jazz or classical music performances, this venue hosts it all. They regularly update the schedule for their exhibits on their social media handles, so follow them to know what’s upcoming.



GALLERYSKE is loaded with intriguing and moving contemporary art. Artists have created works like visual art, beautiful photographs, video clips (that you should definitely watch on their website) and interactive installations. This gallery is one of its kind as it showcases pieces by artists who aren’t very popular but create stunning artworks that need to be seen by the world.

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