Art Museum Delhi

Art Museum Delhi Art Museum Delhi Presentation:Delhi, the capital of India, isn’t just known for its verifiable landmarks yet in addition for its lively workmanship scene. There are a number of art museums in the city that show off a wide range of artistic styles and cultural treasures. In this blog, we will take you …

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Art Galleries Near Me

Art Galleries Near Me The Art lover is spoiled for choice when visiting Art Galleries in Delhi. There is such a lot of magnificent craftsmanship here that you could remain for a month (at any rate!) and not see everything. You likewise should know that it is housed in countless craftsmanship exhibitions all through the city, and there …

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types of art

Types of Art

Art is a form of expression that has been around for centuries, and there are manydifferent types of art that exist today. Here are some of the most common categories ofart:


FESTIVALS OF INDIA Festivals contribute a lot in unifying mass number of people living in India varying in caste, race, religion, culture, language, clothing and many other domains. Mahatma Gandhi had said that “Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization”. We all should be proud …

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Trending Art In The Market to Look Out for In The 2021

Virtual Art Exhibition After the covid pandemic, the virtual is the new normal. Many companies are providing virtual services like Virtual Art Exhibitions, virtual events, virtual AGM, Hybrid Conferences, Virtual Job fairs. Here are the best top 5 Virtual Exhibitions. Museums and galleries are quickly turning to online platforms to give people artistic experiences from the comfort …

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Dhoomimal Art Gallery

30th Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation Show Dates: 30th September – 22nd October 2021 Venue: Dhoomimal Gallery, G-42, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001 Time: 12 Pm- 7 pm Website: For Online viewing of the Exhibition- Featuring: Works of over 60 young artists across the country. The Annual 30th Ravi Jain Memorial Exhibition present a striking collection of artworks by young fresh …

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Pop art in Kolkata

Art is a sentence in itself. When we discuss art, people understand it’s mainly related to painting or sculptures. But what is the holistic idea of art? Well, it was beautifully explained by a former artist and humanist. Rabindranath Tagore as he showed extraordinary creativity in poetry, music, drama, and painting. His essence continues and …

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