Festivals contribute a lot in unifying mass number of people living in India varying in caste, race, religion, culture, language, clothing and many other domains. Mahatma Gandhi had said that “Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization”. We all should be proud to be the citizen of the nation that witnesses UNITY IN DIVERSITY.

Here Comes the question that…


    How is it possible to talk about DIVERSITY & UNITY at the same time?

                                           YES , It is possible only in INDIA . Though there is huge difference between the people residing in India in every other way. But there is Harmony , Prosperity , Secularism and brotherhood that makes these gaps very much negligible.

                                “Without Festivals our Country will be like a Car without Engine”

Though there are several Festivals that are being celebrated in India like Diwali , Holi , Basant Panchami , Lohri , Christmas , Ganesh Chaturthi , Durga Puja , Eid , Pongal , Bihu , National Unity Day ,  Buddha Jayanti , Republic Day , Onam , Kargil Vijay Diwas , Raksha Bandhan , Gurupurab , Gandhi Jayanti , National Science Day,Constitution Day and Many More……

But each and every festival remarks the Unity and Integrity among Indian Folks for Mother India.

To Born and Live in this nation is like a blessing”  


Where people live in Joint Families peacefully and respectfully ,

There is sense of  Respect for Elders ,

Love for Younger Ones ,

Patriotism for Nation and Armed Forces,

Responsibility towards Nature,

Passion towards Economy and Talent,

Positivity in every happening,

Devotion towards Duties and Culture,

And Affinity towards each other !!!

Festivals create magic that spreads the lives and hearts of people with immense Joy , Happiness , Excitement, Enthusiasm, Integrity and full of Emotions. It also make people learn and understand the value of different religions , cultures and traditions .

All of us should try to keep these festivities alive in our each other lives.

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